File menu

The File menu contains functions and commands for managing Motion files.

  • New: Opens either the Project Browser dialog or a new default Motion project (if you’ve already set a default project). (Command-N)

  • New From Project Browser: Opens the Project Browser dialog. (Option-Command-N)

  • Open: Opens a Finder dialog to choose a Motion project to open. (Command-O)

  • Open Recent: Opens a submenu that lists the most recently opened files, giving you quick access to projects you’ve worked on recently.

  • Close: Closes the current project. If the project has not been saved, Motion asks you to save the project before closing the window. (Command-W)

  • Save: Stores the current state of the project to disk. (Command-S)

  • Save As: Saves the current state of the project with a new name. (Shift-Command-S)

  • Publish Template: Available when the current project is a standard Motion project, saves the current project as a Motion template or a Final Cut Generator template (for use in Final Cut Pro X). See Use templates overview and Create a generator template.

  • Revert to Saved: Restores the selected project to the last saved state. Changes made after the last save are lost. Use caution; you cannot undo this operation.

  • Restore from Autosave: Displays a dialog where you can choose a project previously saved to the Autosave Vault. See Cache preferences.

  • Import: Opens the Import Files dialog and lets you choose a file from disk to import into your project. (Command-I)

  • Import as Project: Displays the Import File as Project dialog. A new project is created from the chosen file, using the file’s dimensions and duration. If multiple items are selected, they’re all placed in the same project. Additional options are available if an image sequence is selected. See Open an existing project. (Shift-Command-I)

  • Reconnect Media: Reestablishes a link to a file on disk when a layer in your project has been moved or modified.

  • Remove Unused Media: Removes a media item from your project when the item is imported into the Media list but not into the project.

  • Remove Optical Flow Retiming: Flushes the retiming information file when a media item has been processed for retiming. See Retime media overview.

  • Page Setup: Displays the standard system Page Setup dialog where you can set paper size and orientation for printing. (Shift-Command-P)

  • Print: Displays the standard system Print dialog, where you can print the contents of the Canvas. (Command-P)