Transform layers in the Canvas overview

You can transform image layers in the Canvas using onscreen controls (transform handles) to drag, resize, rotate, and more. Although you can perform the same modifications with more precision by adjusting parameter controls in the Properties Inspector, onscreen controls give you a more hands-on method of working.

Before transforming layers, you must make a selection in the Layers list or Canvas. After you select a layer, a bounding box with transform handles appears in the Canvas.

You can move selected layers anywhere in the frame shown in the Canvas, and you can also drag layers past the edge of the frame. By default, when you move a layer past the edge of the frame, it becomes invisible; however, you can still manipulate the layer using its bounding box.

Canvas showing an object positioned outside the viewable area with its bounding box and transform handles available in the Canvas

You can perform different adjustments in the Canvas by choosing different 2D transform tools in the toolbar. The default tool—Select/Transform—lets you reposition, resize, and rotate a selected layer or group. Other 2D transform tools let you distort or crop objects, create drop shadows, and more.