Layers list shortcut menu

The Layers list shortcut menu gives you access to additional commands to help organize and manipulate layers. Control-click a layer in the Layers list, then choose a command from the shortcut menu. The command is applied to the layer you Control-clicked. The menu contains the following commands:

  • Cut: Removes the layer and places it on the Clipboard.

  • Copy: Copies the layer to the Clipboard.

  • Paste: Places the contents of the Clipboard in the selected location.

  • Duplicate: Creates a layer identical to the selection.

  • Delete: Removes the selected layer.

  • Group: Places the selected layer or layers into a new group. (For more information, see Nest layers and groups overview.)

  • Ungroup: Deletes a containing group, and moves its contents up one level in the Layers list hierarchy.

  • Active: Enables or disables a layer, group, or effects object—the equivalent to clicking an object’s activation checkbox.

  • Solo: Hides other layers and groups in the project (so that they are not visible in the Canvas). When a layer or group is soloed, activation checkboxes for other layers and groups are dimmed. You can solo multiple layers and groups at a time.

  • Isolate: Hides all other groups and layers, and restores the selected layer or group to a face-forward orientation for easier adjustment (such as the application of a mask, for example). This command becomes available only after you add a camera to your project. Choosing Isolate for a camera object activates that camera’s view.

  • 3D Group: Switches the group from 2D mode to 3D mode. For more information about 3D groups, see Create 3D intersection.

  • Blend Mode: Sets the blend mode for the selected layer. This is equivalent to setting a value using the Blend Mode pop-up menu (when activated in View > Layers Columns).

  • Add Image Mask: Adds an image mask to the selected layer. An image mask creates transparency by deriving an alpha channel from another layer, such as a shape, text, movie, or still image. For more information, see Image masks overview.

  • Make Clone Layer: Clones the selected layer. Like the Duplicate command, Make Clone Layer lets you make copies of a selected layer. However, copies created by the Make Clone Layer command are automatically modified to match changes made to the original layer. For more information, see Add and remove layers and groups.

  • Reveal Source Media: Opens the Media list and highlights the media file associated with the selected clip.

When no items are selected in the Layers list, the shortcut menu provides this set of commands:

  • New Group: Adds a group to the project above existing groups in the Layers list.

  • Import: Opens the Import Files dialog, used to import files from the Finder.

  • Paste: Pastes any item copied to the Clipboard into the topmost group in the Layers list.

  • Project Properties: Opens the Properties Inspector for the project, where you can modify the project’s background color, aspect ratio, field rendering, motion blur, reflections, and so on. For more information, see Project properties overview.