Add a camera

In 3D mode, anything you see in the Canvas represents the viewpoint of a camera, either a default reference camera or a scene camera that you create. You can create cameras to look at your scene from different points of view. You can place cameras, animate them, and apply behaviors to them. Creating multiple cameras lets you make different cameras active at different times, allowing you to “cut to” different views over the course of the project.

Note: When building a 3D project, it can be useful to position cameras to examine your project’s layout from different viewpoints. Rather than repeatedly moving the Perspective camera, you can add scene cameras to use as spatial bookmarks. You won’t want to use these cameras during export, so be sure to disable them before rendering.

The scene cameras you create are used for rendering output. Scene cameras appear in the Canvas as wireframe camera icons and as objects in the Layers list.

Add a scene camera to a Motion project

  1. Click the New Camera button in the toolbar, or choose Object > New Camera.

    New Camera button in the toolbar

    If your project contains no existing 3D groups, the following dialog appears:

    Switch to 3D dialog

    If your project is empty or already contains at least one 3D group, go to step 3.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To add a camera without converting 2D groups in your project to 3D groups, click Keep as 2D.

    • To add a camera and convert 2D groups in your project to 3D groups, click Switch to 3D.

    The following happens:

    • A camera object is added to the Layers list and Canvas (represented there by a wireframe icon).

    • The 3D Transform tool in the toolbar is selected.

    • The Camera HUD becomes available (if it isn’t visible, press F7).

    • The Camera Inspector becomes available.

    • The Camera pop-up menu (set to Active Camera) becomes available in the upper-left corner of the Canvas.

  3. Click the Camera pop-up menu in the upper-left corner of the Canvas, then choose a camera view.

    Canvas showing Camera menu

    For more information, see Camera pop-up menu and About cameras and views.