Export a still image

You can save a single image file of any video frame in your project.

Note: When using the Save Current Frame command in the Share menu, you can export only one project at a time. During export, the Share menu in other open projects is limited to one command—Send to Compressor. All other Share menu commands for those projects are dimmed and unavailable until the export completes. For more information, see Export using Compressor.

Share a still frame

  1. In your Motion project, move the playhead to the frame to be saved, then choose Share > Save Current Frame.

  2. Click the Export pop-up menu, then choose an image format.

  3. To specify additional Motion-specific options, click Render.

    For more information, see Render settings.

  4. To see details about files to be output, click Summary.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Enter a name and choose a location for the saved file, then click Save.