Motion workflow

The basic process of working in Motion is described below. You don’t have to do every step, and you might do other tasks that aren’t listed here.

Create a project

You can create a blank project, open a preset composition, or create a template for use in Final Cut Pro X.

Add media

Typically, you import media to create a composition. You can, however, create entire projects using the built-in content that comes with Motion, such as preset particle emitters, text, or generators. Each media item added to your project becomes a layer in your composite.

Add or create effects

Now the fun really begins. Whether you’re building simple animated backgrounds, creating green screen composites or 3D composites, or assembling complex motion-graphics animations, the effect possibilities are nearly limitless.

Share your composition

When your project is finished, you can publish your movie right from Motion to the web, or send it to iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. You can also burn a disc to give to others.