Retime media overview

Your motion graphics projects may require you to perform special timing tricks on media: speeding up a clip, slowing it down, or playing it back at different speeds. There are several ways to apply retiming to a clip:

  • Manipulate clip timing in the Timeline with the help of modifier keys. Indicators in the Timeline help you visualize loops and other retiming conditions. For more information, see Retime in the Timeline.

  • Adjust the Timing controls in the Properties Inspector to modify speed and playback attributes of media clips. For more information, see Timing controls in the Properties Inspector.

  • Apply a Retiming behavior designed for commonly applied retiming tasks, including hold frames, strobing, looping, and so on. Take some time to look over the Retiming behaviors in the Library before spending a lot of time in the Inspector creating your own custom retiming from scratch. For more information, see Retiming behaviors overview.