Timeline overview

The Timeline is where you control all timing aspects of a project. You can set the frames where objects begin and end, align multiple effects so they occur simultaneously, control object duration, and even perform common trim operations to edit the objects as you would in a nonlinear video editing application. The Timeline is located under the toolbar, in the Timing pane.

The Timeline consists of three areas:

Timeline showing Timeline layers list, ruler, and track area

In addition to the Timeline, the Timing pane contains two related partitions that can be shown or hidden: the Audio Timeline and the Keyframe Editor.

Display of the Timing pane is controlled by three buttons in the lower-right corner of the Motion project window:

Timeline display controls

An abbreviated mini-Timeline, located at the bottom of the Canvas, provides controls to perform quick edits such as moving, trimming, and slipping without opening the Timing pane. For more information, see Edit in the mini-Timeline.

Mini-Timeline above the transport controls

Tip: You can show the Timeline on a second display, providing a larger workspace for manipulating the timing of objects. For more information, see View the Canvas or Timing pane on a second display.