Shape controls in the Inspector overview

The Shape Inspector appears when you select a shape in the Canvas, Layers list, or Timeline. This Inspector comprises four panes:

  • The Style pane contains controls to modify the fill color, opacity, feathering, and outline of a shape. The Style pane also contains brush controls for a paint stroke or an outline.

  • The Stroke pane contains controls to set paint brush parameters, such as the spacing of the brush stoke dabs or the angle of the brush. The Stroke pane also contains gradient editor controls for the color stroke mode.

  • The Advanced pane contains controls to animate the dabs of a paint stroke like particles. The Advanced pane parameters control the life, speed, and spin of the animated dabs.

  • The Geometry pane contains controls that adjust the roundness or curvature of a shape, to close or open a shape, and to individually adjust the position of a shape’s control points using value sliders. The Convert To Points button is available when a simple shape is selected, allowing you to convert the simple shape to a Bezier shape with editable control points. You can also change the shape type (Linear, Bezier, or B-Spline).