Use Parameter behaviors with the Sequence Replicator behavior

You can add Parameter behaviors to Sequence Replicator parameters to create even more varied, complex effects without keyframing. (Parameter behaviors are a special kind of behavior applied to a specific parameter of an object. For more information, see Parameter behaviors overview.)

Apply a Parameter behavior to a Sequence Replicator behavior

  1. Add a Sequence Replicator behavior to a replicator.

  2. In the Layers list or Timeline, select the Sequence Replicator behavior.

  3. In the Behaviors Inspector, Control-click the parameter you want to add a Parameter behavior to, then choose a behavior from the Add Parameter Behavior submenu.

    Note: You can add a Parameter behavior only to a parameter that has an Animation menu (which appears as a downward arrow when you place the pointer over the right side of a parameter row in the Inspector).

    The Parameter behavior is added and appears above the Sequence Replicator behavior in the Behaviors Inspector. A behavior icon appears in the Animation menu of the Sequence Replicator parameter.

    Behaviors Inspector showing Parameter behavior icon in Animation menu for Sequence Replicator behavior

    Note: When the Wriggle or Randomize parameter behavior is added to a Sequence Replicator parameter, the Affect Subobjects checkbox becomes available. Select the checkbox if you want each element in the pattern to display a different random behavior.

    For more information about applying and adjusting Parameter behaviors, see Add, remove, and disable a Parameter behavior.