Concentric Polka Dots

The Concentric Polka Dots generator creates a repeating pattern concentric circles, polygons, or stars.

Canvas showing Concentric Polka Dots generator with a variety of settings

Adjust this generator using the controls in the Generator Inspector:

  • Center: A slider that sets the center of the generator pattern.

  • Dot Color: Color controls that set the color of the polka dots.

  • Background Color: Color controls that set the color behind the polka dots.

  • Ring Width: A slider that defines the width of the concentric rings of dots.

  • Angle: A dial that rotates the generator pattern.

  • Dot Radius: A slider that sets the width of the polka dots.

  • Dot Spacing: A slider that sets how far apart the dots are from each other.

  • Dot Shape: A pop-up menu that sets the shape of the pattern elements. There are three choices:

    • Circles: Creates round polka dots.

    • Polygons: Creates polygons. When selected, the Number of Sides, Dot Rotation, and Align Dots parameters become available.

    • Stars: Creates stars. When selected, the Number of Points, Dot Rotation, Align Dots, and Star Radius parameters becomes available.

  • Contrast: A slider that controls the transition between the dot and background colors. A value of 1 creates the highest contrast between the colors; lower values create less contrast, softening the shapes.

  • Publish OSC: A checkbox that, when selected, ensures that if this generator is sent to Final Cut Pro X as part of a template, the onscreen controls are accessible in Final Cut Pro. For more information about publishing onscreen controls and other parameters, see Final Cut Pro templates overview.