Bypass the Project Browser

If you consistently create projects with a specific preset, template, or other starting project, you can bypass the Project Browser. This way, when you create a project, it’s opened in the Motion workspace with the settings you established.

  1. Choose Motion > Preferences (or press Command-Comma).

    The Motion Preferences window appears.

  2. Click Project.

  3. In the For New Documents area, click Use Project.

    Note: If you haven’t assigned a preset project, the setting reads: Use Project: Nothing Selected. When you choose a project, the text updates to reflect the name of the selected project.

  4. Click Choose.

    A window opens containing the contents of the Project Browser.

  5. Select a category in the sidebar and a project type from the center area, then choose a preset (if available) from the right column.

  6. Click Open.

The selected project is assigned to the Use Project option in the Project pane of the Preferences window. From now on, the Project Browser does not appear when you choose File > New (or press Command-N). Instead, a new project opens in the format set in Motion Preferences.