Display the Appearance pane of the Text Inspector

The Appearance pane of the Text Inspector contains controls for adjusting visual text styles, including color, outlines, glow effects, and drop shadows. You can animate most of these parameters.

In the Appearance pane, you can also apply preset text styles from the Library to text in your project—modified Appearance parameters that create a specific look for text, such as a red glow and gradient face. You can also create custom text styles and save them to the Library. For more information, see Use preset text styles.

There are several groups of controls in the Appearance pane:

When you select 3D text, two additional groups of controls become available in the Appearance pane:

3D Text activation checkbox in the Appearance pane of the Text Inspector

You can enable or disable a group of style controls by selecting or deselecting the activation checkbox to the left of the group header. (When selected, the checkbox turns blue.) By default, Outline, Glow, and Drop Shadow are deselected.

Show the Appearance pane

  • In the Text Inspector, click Appearance.

    Appearance pane in the Text Inspector