About using filters with text

Filters are applied to text in the same manner as they are to other objects in Motion. This section provides a quick guide to applying filters to text.

When a filter is applied to text, the text is flattened. In the Layout pane of the Text Inspector, the Flatten checkbox is selected and the parameter is disabled. When text is flattened, filters are applied to the text in local space—that is, “flat” to the text.

Canvas showing filter applied to flattened text

To deselect the Flatten checkbox when a filter is applied, deselect (or delete) the filter in the Layers list, select the text, then deselect the Flatten checkbox (in the Layout pane of the Text Inspector). If you turn the filter back on (by selecting it), the text is flattened again.

For more information, see Filters overview.

Note: Certain operations, such as the application of some filters or selecting the Crop checkbox in the Properties Inspector, can cause a group to be rasterized. For more information, see Text and rasterization.