Publish rigs to Final Cut Pro

Rigging is especially useful in Final Cut Pro X templates, allowing users to modify a complex group of parameters with a small set of controls, or limiting user control to ensure that junior compositors, editors, and others in the production pipeline adhere to established specs and client needs. After you add widgets (checkboxes, pop-up menus, and sliders) to a rig in a Final Cut Pro template in Motion, you must choose which widgets you want to publish. When you save the template, its published widgets become available in Final Cut Pro.

Publish a widget to Final Cut Pro

  • In the Rig or Widget Inspector, Control-click the name of the parameter to publish, then choose Publish from the shortcut menu.

    Note: The template must be saved for its published parameter controls to be available in Final Cut Pro.

View published parameters in Motion

You can review the parameters set to be published in your template by opening the Project Inspector.

  1. Click the Project object at the top of the Layers list.

  2. In the Project Inspector, open the Publishing pane.

    The Publishing pane displays all published parameters, including widgets. When saved in a template, published parameters also appear in the inspector in Final Cut Pro. For more information about publishing, see Add parameter controls overview.