Build a simple rig

The following task describes how to add a basic rig to a project, add a widget to the rig, then assign parameters and snapshots (parameter states) to the widget.

  1. Choose Object > New Rig (or press Control-Command-R).

    A new rig is added to the project (shown in the Layers list and Timeline layers list).

    Rig added to project in Layers list
  2. In the Rig Inspector, click one of the three buttons:

    • Add Slider: Adds a slider widget to the rig, enabling users to apply gradual changes between multiple parameter states

    • Add Pop-up: Adds a pop-up menu widget to the rig, enabling users to choose from among multiple parameter states

    • Add Checkbox: Adds a checkbox widget to the rig, enabling users to toggle between two parameter states

    Rig Inspector with no widgets

    The new widget (in this example, a pop-up menu widget) appears in the Layers list under its parent rig:

    Layers list showing selected widget

    And the Widget Inspector opens:

    Inspector showing newly added pop-up menu widget

    By default, the widget contains empty placeholders for snapshots (parameter states). In this example, the pop-up menu widget contains three options: Snapshot 1, Snapshot 2, and Snapshot 3. You can rename them using the Rename button. See Create and manage snapshots.

  3. To assign parameters and snapshots (specific parameter states) to the widget, do the following:

    1. In the Rig inspector or the Widget inspector, click the Edit Mode Start button.

      A window appears containing the Stop Rig Edit Mode button. The appearance of this window indicates that you are in rig edit mode: Any changes you make to parameters of any object in your project will be recorded as a snapshot.

      Stop Rig Edit Mode window
    2. Record a snapshot by making changes to objects in your project in the Canvas, the HUD, or the Inspector.

      In this example, any changes you make are applied to the Snapshot 1 pop-up menu item.

    3. When you finish making changes to parameters, click Stop Rig Edit Mode.

      The snapshot is stored and the parameters you modified are added to the Widget Inspector, alongside a joystick icon indicating that the parameter is rigged.

      Parameters added to the Widget Inspector
    4. To set additional snapshots, choose an unassigned snapshot in the widget (in this example, choose Snapshot 2 from the pop-up menu), then repeat steps a, b, and c.

After you add snapshots to a widget, adjusting the widget control (the checkbox, pop-up menu, or slider) loads a snapshot, changing the state of affected parameters in your project.

For information about other methods to create snapshots, see Snapshots overview and Control rigs from parameter Animation menus.