Animate via the HUD

Parameters that appear in the HUD can be keyframed using the Record button or by setting an initial keyframe. Using this technique, you can animate basic object properties such as opacity or position, or create advanced effects such as setting static filters into motion. In this example, the HUD is used to animate an object’s opacity.

Animate a parameter via the HUD

  1. Place the playhead where you want to begin to animate.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click the Record button (or press A) to turn on keyframe recording, then click a slider handle in the HUD.

      Even if you don’t change the slider’s value, clicking it sets a keyframe at that point. This way, the parameter remains at its previous value from the beginning of the clip until that keyframe, then begins the interpolation toward the next keyframe.

      HUD showing Opacity slider set to 100%
    • With the Record button off, click a slider handle in the HUD, then press Control-K.

    A keyframe for that parameter is added at the playhead position.

  3. Move the playhead forward to a new time.

  4. Change the same parameter slider.

  5. Move the playhead forward again.

  6. Change the same parameter slider again.

  7. If keyframe recording is on, click the Record button (or press A) to turn off keyframe recording.