Basic Motion behaviors overview

Basic Motion behaviors animate specific parameters of the object to which they’re applied. Some affect position, while others affect scale, rotation, or opacity.

WARNING: Building consecutive Basic Motion behaviors or placing such a behavior before or after the Camera Framing behavior can create unexpected results. These behaviors can continue to affect the object even after the behavior ends, thus influencing the subsequent behavior’s animation path. For example, if a Framing behavior is applied after a Motion Path behavior, the residual effect of the Motion Path behavior is combined with the animation path generated by the Framing behavior. Consequently, the target object might be framed improperly. For information about Camera behaviors, see Add Camera behaviors.

There are eight Basic Motion behaviors:

  • Fade In/Fade Out makes an object dissolve into view or fade away.

  • Grow/Shrink makes an object enlarge or reduce its size over time.

  • Motion Path creates a spline path for an object to move along.

  • Move pulls an object to a target point in the Canvas.

  • Point At causes an object to turn toward a target point.

  • Snap Alignment to Motion points an object in the direction its moving along an animation path.

  • Spin rotates an object around a single axis.

  • Throw pushes an object in a single direction.