Slit Scan

Creates an animated fly-through effect by simulating the slit scan process used to create “stargate” images in science fiction films.

Canvas showing effect of Slit Scan filter

Adjust this filter using the parameter controls in the Filters Inspector:

  • Center: Sets the position of the center of the slit. You can also drag the Center onscreen control in the Canvas.

  • Rotation: Sets the angle of rotation of the slit.

  • Speed: Sets the speed of the simulation.

  • Perspective: Sets the angle of perspective on the layer.

  • Glow: Sets the amount of the glow on the slit.

  • Glow Color: Picks the color of the glow of the slit. Click the disclosure triangle to display Red, Green, and Blue sliders for more precise color selection.

  • Offset: Sets the amount of offset between what is above and what is below the slit.

  • Mix: Sets the percentage of the original image to be blended with the filtered image.

  • Publish OSC: Publishes the filter’s onscreen controls in Final Cut Pro X. For more information on creating content for use in Final Cut Pro, see Final Cut Pro templates overview.