Media list overview

The Media list (the second list in the Project pane) itemizes all media files (audio, image, image sequence, and QuickTime movie files) in the project. Items in this list are links to source media files that remain on your computer or networked storage device. Applied effects (such as filters or behaviors) and graphics content created in Motion (such as masks, shapes, or text) do not appear in the Media list.

The columns in the Media list contain information about each media item, in the following categories:

  • Preview: Displays a thumbnail of the media object.

  • Name: Lists the filename of the source media on disk where the object is linked. If you change the name of corresponding linked objects in the Layers list, this name doesn’t change.

  • Kind: Lists the type of file—still image, QuickTime movie, image sequence, or audio file.

  • In Use: Indicates that the media is in use in the project.

  • Duration: Displays the total duration of the object, in frames or timecode, depending on what is displayed in the Timeline.

  • Frame Size: Displays the frame size of the object, in pixels.

  • Format: For QuickTime movies, displays the codec used. For still images, displays the method of compression that is applied based on the file type.

  • Depth: Specifies the color depth of the image.

  • Vid Rate: Displays the video frame rate of the object, in frames per second.

  • Aud Rate: For audio files and QuickTime movies, displays the sample rate of the audio.

  • Aud Bit Depth: For audio files and QuickTime movies, specifies the bit depth of the audio.

  • File Size: Shows the size of the source media file on disk.

  • File Created: Shows the file creation date of the source media file on disk.

  • File Modified: Shows the file modification date of the source media file on disk. This is a useful parameter for file management.