Reveal source media

Occasionally, you may need to find source media used in your project, to access additional information about an imported media file, or to locate the external file on your computer or networked storage device.

Show a layer’s source media link in the Media list

Do one of the following:

  • Control-click a layer in the Canvas, Layers list, or Timeline, then choose Reveal Source Media from the shortcut menu.

  • Select a layer, then choose Object > Reveal Source Media (or press Shift-F).

The Media list opens, with the source media selected. The Media Inspector also opens, displaying information about the source media.

Find external source media used in your project

  • Open the Media list, Control-click a media item, then choose Reveal in Finder from the shortcut menu.

A Finder window appears, and the external source media file used in your project is highlighted.