Library overview

Motion ships with a collection of built-in art content and effects (text styles and fonts, animated graphics, filter effects, and so on) that you can use in your projects. This content is available in the Library, which is displayed on the left side of the Motion workspace (next to the File Browser). Navigating the Library is similar to navigating the File Browser.

The Library is divided into several areas:

  • Preview area: At the top of the Library, a thumbnail image displays a video preview of content selected in navigation areas of the Library (special effects, text styles, graphical art, and so on).

  • Navigation pane: Just below the preview area is a two-column pane displaying the categories and subcategories of content and effects available in Motion. Navigation arrows let you step forward and back through recently viewed categories of content. A pop-up menu lets you filter content by theme (Abstract, Sci-Fi, Urban, and so on).

  • Library stack: When you select a category and subcategory in the navigation pane, the contents of the subcategory are shown in the lower area of the Library.

    Areas of the File Browser: Preview area, forward and back buttons, path pop-up menu, navigation pane, search button, and the Library stack

View the Library

If the Library is not visible in the Motion workspace, you can easily show it.

  • Click Library in the top-left corner of the Motion workspace.

  • Choose Window > Library (or press Command-2).

Collapse or expand the pane containing the File Browser, Library, and Inspector

  • Click the “i” button in the lower-left corner of the Motion workspace.