What is Motion?

Motion interface

Motion is a behavior-driven motion graphics application used to create stunning imaging effects in real time for a wide variety of broadcast, video, and film projects.

In Motion, you can:

  • Create sophisticated animations on the fly using any of more than 200 built-in motion and simulation behaviors, such as Spin, Throw, or Orbit, which allow you to add dynamic motion to your projects in real time, with no preview rendering time necessary.

  • Build complex visual effects using one or more of nearly 300 filters such as Glow, Strobe, or Bleach Bypass.

  • Animate the traditional way, using keyframes and modifiable curves, to create precise timing effects.

  • Create polished text effects, from the simple (lower-thirds and credit rolls) to the complex (3D titles, animated effects, sequencing text).

  • Create custom effect, transition, title, and generator templates for automatic export to Final Cut Pro X. You can also modify the effects, transitions, titles, and generators that ship with Final Cut Pro.

  • Use rigging to map multiple parameters to a single control (for example, a slider that simultaneously manipulates size, color, and rotation of text) in Motion compositions or in templates exported to Final Cut Pro X.

  • Build compositions by selecting from royalty-free content, such as vector artwork, animated design elements, and high-resolution images.

  • Retime footage to create high-quality slow-motion or fast-motion effects.

  • Stabilize camera shake or create complex motion-tracking effects such as match moves and corner-pinning.

  • Perform advanced compositing and green screen effects.

  • Build fluid 3D motion graphics for show intros, bumpers, commercials, or title sequences.

  • Create sophisticated particle systems involving large numbers of automatically animated objects in 2D or 3D space.

  • Build complex patterns of repeating elements using the powerful replicator tool, then animate the resulting collages in 2D or 3D space.

  • Publish your projects directly to websites such as YouTube and Facebook, or send your motion graphics to iTunes for syncing with Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.