Audio behaviors overview

You can use audio behaviors to automate common audio effects such as pans and fades, as well as create sophisticated audio-driven animations.

There are three audio behaviors:

  • Audio Auto Pan automates commonly used panning effects in an audio track.

  • Audio Fade In/Fade Out automates the fading in and out an audio track. For a complete list of adjustable controls.

  • Audio (parameter behavior) performs an analysis of an audio parameter (volume or bass, for example), then links changes in that property to any other object parameter in your project. For example, you can use the Audio parameter behavior to make a shape pulse to the bass of an audio track. For a complete list of adjustable controls, see Audio (parameter behavior).

The Audio Auto Pan behavior and Audio Fade In/Fade Out behavior are located in the Audio category of behaviors. You apply them like any other standard behavior: by dragging them from the Library to an object in the Layers list, or by using the Add Behavior pop-up menu in the toolbar. For more information, see Apply behaviors overview.

The Audio parameter behavior is located in the Parameter category of behaviors. For more information, see Apply the Audio parameter behavior.