Move, duplicate, or change the interpolation of gradient tags

There are many ways to manipulate tags in the gradient editor to create a custom gradient.

Move the position of a color tag or opacity tag

  1. Click the color tag or opacity tag to move.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Drag the color tag left or right.

    • Use the Location slider (or adjacent value slider) to modify the position of the selected tag. A value of 100% is the rightmost position of the gradient, and a value of 0% is the leftmost position of the gradient.

Duplicate a color or opacity tag

  • Option-drag the tag to a position.

Change the transition midpoint between adjacent color or opacity tags

  • Drag the small triangle between adjacent color tags or opacity tags to change the point where one tag’s effect ends and the next tag’s effect begins. The closer the middle control is to a tag, the sharper the color or opacity transition.

    Gradient editor showing spread control

    Note: The middle control does not appear for color or opacity tags set to Linear or Constant.

Change the color or opacity tag interpolation

  • Click a tag, then choose Constant, Linear, or Continuous from the Interpolation pop-up menu.