Colors window

You can use the OS X Colors window in Motion, giving you access to the familiar color pickers such as the Spectrum palette or the Crayons palette.

Colors window

The Colors window has four sections: the icons at the top select picker interfaces; the large color swatch shows the current color; the middle section shows the active picker; and the row of boxes can be used to save swatches.

Show the Colors window

Do one of the following:

  • Click a color well.

  • Choose View > Show Colors.

  • Press Shift-Command-C.

Pick a color in the Colors window

Do one of the following:

  • Click a color in the color picker area.

  • Click the magnifying glass, then click anywhere on the computer screen to choose a color.

Note: When you open the Colors window by clicking a Motion color well, the color you click in the Colors window loads into the well, and the selected object in the Canvas changes color. However, when you open the Colors window from the View menu (or by pressing Shift-Command-C), clicking a color in the Colors window does not load the color into the well or change the selected object. In this case, drag a color swatch from the Colors window to the color well. Similarly, if you leave the Colors window open and select another object in the Canvas, clicking in the Colors window does not change the newly selected object.

Save a color to the saved swatch area in the Colors window

  1. Select a color in the picker or by using the magnifying glass.

  2. Drag the color from the large swatch to a white square at the bottom of the Colors window.

    Colors saved in this area remain accessible across applications and restarts.