Basic color controls

There are several basic color controls in Motion:

Collapsed Color control in Inspector
  • Color well: A small color swatch that, when clicked, opens the OS X Colors window

  • Downward arrow: A button beside the color well that opens the Motion pop-up color palette, an alternative to the OS X Colors window

  • Eyedropper: A control used to pick a color in use in the Motion Canvas

  • Disclosure triangle: A control that, when clicked, reveals advanced color controls

Change the color of an object using the basic Motion color controls

Do one of the following:

  • Click the color well swatch, then pick a color from the OS X Colors window. For more information, see Colors window.

  • Click the downward arrow or Control-click the color well, then pick a color from the Motion pop-up color palette. For more information, see Pop-up color palette.

  • Click the eyedropper, then click an object of the desired color in the Canvas. For more information, see Eyedropper.

  • Click the disclosure triangle on the left side of the color controls to expose individual Red, Green, Blue, and, when applicable, Opacity sliders. For more information, see Expanded color controls.