Motion menus overview

The Motion menu bar provides access to many categories of commands in the application.

Many commands are context-sensitive—they change depending on the current state of the Motion application. For example, a menu item might appear dimmed when a command is not available due to the current state of the application or what is selected.

  • The Application (Motion) menu contains general functions to control the application, modify preferences, and access the Apple website.

  • The File menu contains functions and commands for saving and managing Motion files.

  • The Edit menu contains familiar commands such as Undo, Cut, Copy, and Paste and also commands to select and delete objects, modify project properties, and more.

  • The Mark menu contains commands to set In and Out points, add markers to the Timeline, navigate through your project, and control animation of effects.

  • The Object menu contains commands for manipulating objects in Motion, including object placement in the layer hierarchy and physical alignment in the Canvas.

  • The Favorites menu lets you apply saved custom content.

  • The View menu contains commands for controlling the visual layout of the Canvas and Timeline

  • The Share menu contains commands for exporting your project.

  • The Window menu contains controls to show and hide the panes in the Motion interface.

  • The Help menu provides access to resources for learning more about Motion.

Note: Many commands have shortcut keys that allow you to perform the same action from the keyboard. In this chapter, these shortcuts are listed in parentheses after the command description.