Application (Motion) menu

The Motion menu contains general functions to control the application, modify preferences, and access the Apple website. It also provides access to system-level services.

  • About Motion: Opens the About Motion window, which contains version, registration, and trademark information.

  • Preferences: Opens Motion Preferences. See Change preference settings.

  • Commands: Opens a submenu of the following items for customizing keyboard shortcuts:

    • Customize: Opens the Command Editor. See Search and customize keyboard shortcuts overview.

    • Import: Opens a dialog used to import a customized key command set.

    • Export: Opens a dialog used to export a customized key command set.

    • Command Sets: Lets you load a customized key command set.

    • Final Cut Pro Set: Sets the active keyboard to match the default key command layout in Final Cut Pro X wherever possible. Select from English, Japanese, French, or German.

    • Standard Set: Sets the active keyboard to the default key command layout. Choose English, Japanese, French, or German.

  • Provide Motion Feedback: Opens a web page where you can send comments to Apple about Motion.

  • Download Additional Content: Downloads additional Motion Library content such as templates, particle emitters, and replicators when your computer is connected to the Internet.

  • Services: Provides access to commands that work across different applications. See Mac Help for more information about this submenu.

  • Hide Motion: Hides all Motion windows. The application is still running in the background. You can bring it back to the front by clicking the Motion icon in the Dock. (Command-H)

  • Hide Others: Hides windows from all applications other than Motion. (Option-Command-H)

  • Show All: Shows all windows from all applications currently running.

  • Quit Motion: Stops the application from running. You are prompted to save your open document. (Command-Q)