Constrain group size

By default, the size of a group is determined by the layers in that group. Because animated objects often grow in size, the active height and width of a group (its resolution) can become large. You can constrain the resolution of a group to a specific width and height.

The project in the following image contains a particle system. The animated particles, although not visible when they move off the Canvas, make the group containing them large.

Canvas window showing default size of a group containing particles

If a project contains growing objects that move or expand beyond the edges of the Canvas, use the Fixed Resolution checkbox to decrease your computer processing time.

Note: The Group pane of the Inspector (which contains the Fixed Resolution parameter) is only accessible when a group is selected in the project.

Fix the resolution of a group

  1. In the Layers list, select a group.

  2. In the Group Inspector, select the Fixed Resolution checkbox.

    Group pane showing Fixed Resolution checkbox enabled

    By default, the group’s resolution is set to the project size; objects in the group but outside the Canvas are cropped. An “R” indicator appears to the right of the Fixed Resolution checkbox, informing you that the group is rasterized. For more information on rasterization, see Groups and rasterization.

  3. To set a resolution other than that of the project, adjust the Fixed Width and Fixed Height sliders.

    If the group’s anchor point is offset, the cropping might not occur around the edges of the Canvas, and objects may be cut off.

    Canvas showing how the Fixed Resolution setting affects a group with an offset anchor point

Note: When you select a layer in a fixed-resolution group, the bounding box around the layer appears at its original size, unaffected by the containing group’s resolution.