Customize the Layers list

You can modify the display of the Layers list to suit your needs.

Adjust row height

Do one of the following:

  • Position the pointer over a horizontal line and drag up or down to decrease or increase the height of all rows.

    Icons and thumbnails resize themselves as you make the adjustment.

  • Click the Scale button at the bottom of the Layers list, then drag the slider left to decrease row height or right to increase row height.

    Scale button in the Layers list

Filter the Layers list

  • Click the Search button, then enter the name of the objects to view in the Search field.

    Search button in the Layers list

    When you begin typing in the Search field, the Layers list hides objects that do not contain the text you type. Hidden objects continue to appear in the Canvas.

Stop filtering and return to the complete Layers list

  • Click the Clear button at the right of the Search field.

    The Search field is cleared, and the Layers list returns to the unfiltered view.

Show or hide mask, behavior, or filter objects

You can hide effects objects in the Layers list to simplify your view of layers and groups in your project.

  • Click the Show/Hide Masks, Show/Hide Behaviors, or Show/Hide Filters button in the lower-left corner of the Layers list.

    Timeline display option buttons

When a button is dimmed, the effects object is hidden from view in the Layers list. However, the effect remains active in the Canvas.