The Sweep behavior pivots the camera across a specified arc.

After you apply this behavior, the Sweep section of the Behaviors Inspector contains the following parameter controls:

  • Start: A dial to set the camera’s starting angle relative to its current orientation. A nonzero value causes the camera to jump to this value at the start of the behavior.

  • End: A dial to set the camera’s final angle relative to its Start parameter value.

  • Speed: A pop-up menu to set the type of interpolation used for the rotation. The value can be set to Constant, Ease In, Ease Out, Ease Both, Accelerate, or Decelerate.

  • Axis: A pop-up menu to set the axis around which the sweep occurs. Value can be set to Tilt X, Swivel Y, or Roll Z.

The HUD contains the same controls as the Inspector.