Unstabilize controls

The Unstabilize behavior applies movement data recorded in a Stabilize behavior, but does not perform its own tracking analysis. You can apply the Unstabilize behavior to many object types, including groups, cameras, shapes, particle emitters, and so on.

For information about using the Unstabilize behavior, see Unstabilize a clip.

After you apply an Unstabilize behavior to an object, the Behaviors Inspector displays the following adjustable controls:

  • Source: A source well to designate the source object supplying the tracking data used to “unstabilize” (add motion to) the clip. The source object can be another Stabilize behavior. To clear a Source well, drag the item away from the well and release the mouse button.

    Inspector showing tracking behaviors pop-up menu
  • Action pop-up menu: A pop-up menu (with a gear icon) to manually assign tracking data (from other tracking behaviors in your project).