Share to iMovie, GarageBand, and other Apple applications

You can open a finished Motion project in another Apple application by exporting the project as a QuickTime movie.

Share a Motion project to iMovie

  1. Choose Share > Export Movie (or press Command-E).

  2. In the Options pane of the Share window, choose your preferred export settings:

    • Export: Choose an export format.

    • Open with: Choose None.

    • Include: Choose whether to include video only or video and audio.

    • Duration: If you’ve set In and Out points in the Timeline, choose whether to export the entire sequence or the portion between the In and Out points.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Enter a name and save location for the exported file, then click Save.

    Motion renders and saves your movie, which can now be imported into an iMovie project using the File menu. For more information, see iMovie Help.

Share a Motion project to the Media Browser

When you export to your Movies folder, you can open the movie via the Media Browser in GarageBand, Pages, Keynote, and other Apple applications.

  1. Follow steps 1–3 above.

  2. Enter a name and set the save location for the exported file to /Users/username/Movies/, then click Save.

    Motion renders and saves your movie to your Movies folder. You can now import the movie into applications such as GarageBand, Keynote, and Pages using the Media Browser button. For more information, see the particular application’s Help.

    Note: You can import movies from any Finder folder into GarageBand, Keynote, or Pages, but movies not saved to your Movies folder will not appear in the Media Browser.