Display the background render list

You can render most Share operations in the background while you continue to work in Motion. To review or cancel projects in the render queue, display the Background Task List.

Note: Export Movie, Save Current Frame, and Export Selection to Movie render in the foreground.

Display the Background Task List

  • Choose Window > Show Task List (or press F9).

  • Click the analysis indicator (in the lower-left corner of the Canvas, beside the Play/Mute audio button).

    Analysis Indicator in Canvas playback control area

    The Background Task List window appears, displaying all background processes. Each task is labeled, has a progress bar, and displays text describing how far along the task is.

    Note: Any current retiming (such as optical flow) analyses are also displayed in the Background Task List. Although you can reorder the priority of the retiming jobs, you cannot rearrange the priority of shared projects.

Cancel the share

  • Click the Cancel button next to the process you want to cancel.

    Background Task List showing the Cancel button