Edit marker information

You can edit the information for a marker, including its name, starting frame, duration, and color. You can also add comments to the marker. Comments appear in a tooltip when the pointer is placed over the marker.

Edit marker information

  1. Open the Edit Marker dialog by doing one of the following:

    • Double-click a marker.

    • Control-click a Marker, then choose Edit Marker from the shortcut menu.

    • Move the playhead to a marker, then choose Mark > Markers > Edit Marker (or press Option-Command-M).

      Edit Marker dialog
  2. Enter a name in the Name field.

    Text added to the Name and Comment fields for project markers appears in a small window when you place the pointer over the marker.

    Edit Marker dialog and Timeline showing custom name and comment
  3. Enter text in the Comment field.

    This comment appears as a tooltip when you place the pointer over project markers.

  4. Enter a Start value or drag in the Start field.

    The marker moves to the frame number you enter (or timecode number, if the timing display is set to show timecode).

  5. Enter a Duration value or drag in the Duration field to specify the range of frames (or timecode) for the marker.

  6. Click a Color button to set the marker color.

  7. Click OK to accept your changes.