Manage retiming analysis

You can display processing information and modify analysis when retiming a clip.

Display more information about ongoing clip analysis

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Window > Show Task List (or press F9).

  • Click the analysis indicator (in the lower-left corner of the Canvas, beside the Play/Mute audio button).

    Analysis Indicator in Canvas playback control area

    The Background Task List window appears.

    Background Task List showing pause button

    The Background Task List shows all processes Motion is working on in the background. Each task is labeled, has a progress bar, and displays text describing how far along the task is. You can interrupt current and pending operations by pressing the pause button next to the progress bar.

Pause clip analysis

  • In the Background Task List window, click the Pause button.

    A message appears detailing how many frames have been processed.

    Note: When analysis is paused, projects play back at a much improved speed.

Restart clip analysis

  • In the Background Task List window, click the Restart button.

    Background Task List showing restart clip analysis button

Reorder clip analysis

  • In the Background Task List window, drag the clip to analyze to the top of the list.

    Background Task List showing task order being rearranged

    Analysis begins on the repositioned clip, and the clip previously being processed is paused.

Close the Background Task List window when analysis is complete

  • In the Background Task List dialog, select the “Close when tasks are complete” checkbox.