Manage Timeline layers and tracks overview

The Timeline layers list (on the left side of the Timing pane) mirrors the Layers list in the Project pane and displays your project objects (groups, layers, filters, behaviors, masks, and so on) and their stacking order. When you reorder in the Timeline Layers list, the change is immediately reflected in the Layers list in the Project pane. The Timeline layers list contains many of the same controls as the Layers list in the Project pane. For more information, see Layers list controls.

Timeline showing layers list

The Timeline track area (on the right side of the Timing pane) displays each object in a project as a colored bar (known as a timebar). Different colors represent different types of objects.

Timeline showing track area

The Timeline track area can contain the following timebars and other icons:

  • Group: A double blue bar. For groups with multiple layers, the lower bar displays three lines and a value indicating the number of objects in the group.

    A group bar
  • Objects (video clips, stills, shapes, text, particles, replicators, cameras, lights): A blue bar

    An object bar
  • Masks: A gray bar

    A mask bar
  • Behaviors and Filters: A thin purple bar

    A behavior bar
  • Keyframes: Red diamonds beneath the keyframed object. Selected keyframes appear white.

    Keyframes displayed in the Timeline
  • Audio: A green bar displaying the audio waveform. Audio tracks are not displayed by default. For more information on displaying audio tracks see Adjust audio tracks.

    An audio bar