Display control points

There are several ways to display the control points of a complex shape to allow point-by-point editing in the Canvas.

Display a complex shape’s control points

Do one of the following:

  • In the Layers list, Canvas, or Timeline, select a shape containing control points (a spline shape), then click and hold the 2D transform tools pop-up menu in the toolbar and choose the Edit Points tool.

    Selecting the Edit Points tool from the 2D tools pop-up menu
  • Double-click a spline shape in the Canvas.

  • Control-click a spline shape in the Canvas, then choose Edit Points from the shortcut menu.

    Note: Overlays must be enabled in the View menu (or the View pop-up menu above the Canvas) to see the control points and spline of a shape. In addition, if Handles or Lines are turned off in the View > Overlays submenu (or in the View pop-up menu), you cannot see a shape’s Bezier or B-Spline control points when editing.

After you display a shape’s control points, select control points to edit them. While editing the control points of a shape, you can select another shape and remain in control point-adjustment mode. This allows for quick modification of multiple shapes’ control points.