Soft Gradient

The Soft Gradient generator creates a soft-edged, radial gradient. The gradient contains an alpha channel, so you can place the generator over another image in the project. You can change and keyframe the color, size, and position of the Soft Gradient.

Figure. Canvas window showing the Soft Gradient generator alone and combined with another image.

Adjust this generator using the controls in the Generator Inspector:

  • Center: Value sliders that set the position of the center of the gradient. (You can also use the Adjust Item tool to modify this parameter with onscreen controls. For more information, see Modify or animate a generator.)

  • Color: Color controls that set the color of the gradient. Click the disclosure triangle to display Red, Green, and Blue sliders for more precise color selection.

  • Radius: A slider that sets the radius of the gradient circle. Values range from 0 to 1000.

  • Publish OSC: A checkbox that, when selected, ensures that if this generator is sent to Final Cut Pro X as part of a template, the onscreen controls are accessible in Final Cut Pro. For more information about publishing onscreen controls and other parameters, see Final Cut Pro templates overview.