Image generators overview

Image generators quickly add animated or static graphics, such as stars, swirls, rays of color, or lens flares to a project. The image generator category is labeled Generators in the Library.

There are 28 image generators:

  • Caustics creates an animated, simulated water surface.

  • Cellular creates an animated pattern that looks like cells moving under a microscope.

  • Checkerboard creates a static checkerboard pattern.

  • Clouds creates an animated cloud pattern.

  • Color Solid creates a single-colored object.

  • Concentric Polka Dots creates a repeating pattern concentric circles, polygons, or stars.

  • Concentric Shapes creates a repeating pattern of shapes.

  • Gradient creates a basic gradient ready for customization.

  • Grid creates a grid pattern made of two colored lines.

  • Japanese Pattern creates a pattern of overlapping waves or congruent circles.

  • Lens Flare superimposes a simulated lens flare effect.

  • Manga Lines creates radial or linear Manga-style graphic lines.

  • Membrane creates a sheer, animated sheet that flows gracefully in 3D space.

  • Noise creates a random, colored static pattern.

  • One Color Ray creates a ray pattern based on variations of a color.

  • Op Art 1, Op Art 2, and Op Art 3 confuse your background-foreground senses.

  • Overlapping Circles creates orbs of two different colors that overlay each other.

  • Radial Bars creates bars of equal width that extend from a center point to the edge of the Canvas.

  • Soft Gradient creates a soft-edged, radial gradient.

  • Spirals creates a repeating circular spiral pattern.

  • Spiral Drawing draws overlapping geometric curves like the toy from your youth.

  • Star creates a glowing star shape that contains an alpha channel.

  • Stripes creates a default image with vertical bands of two alternating colors.

  • Sunburst creates “beams” that radiate from a center point.

  • Truchet Tiles creates a two-color pattern based on simple shapes in different orientations.

For a list of common parameter controls, see Controls common to all image generators. For a description of each of the Image Generators and its specific controls, see the other topics in this section.