Overlapping Circles

The Overlapping Circles generator creates orbs of two different colors that overlay each other. You can use a third color for the background.

Canvas showing Overlapping Circles generator with a variety of settings

Adjust this generator using the controls in the Generator Inspector:

  • Center: A slider that sets the center of the generator pattern.

  • Color 1: Color controls that set the first color of the generator.

  • Color 2: Color controls that set the second color of the generator. For more information on using the color controls, see Basic color controls.

  • Background Color: Color controls that set the background color of the generator. If the background color is not visible, adjust the Circle Offset parameter.

  • Size: A slider that adjusts the size of the circles.

  • Circle Offset: A slider that adjusts the space between the circles.

  • Angle: A dial that rotates the overlapping circles pattern.

  • Contrast: A slider that sets how sharp or blurred the division is between the circles and the background.