Op Art 3

This generator creates mathematically oriented patterns using a repetition of simple shapes. Although some static patterns create a visual illusion of movement, you can keyframe Op Art parameters to create moving moiré patterns.

Canvas showing Op Art 3 generator alone and with Random Tile filter applied

Adjust this generator using the controls in the Generator Inspector:

  • Line Thickness: A slider that sets the thickness of the lines in the pattern.

  • Color 1: Color controls that set the first color of the generator.

  • Color 2: Color controls that set the second color of the generator. For more information on using the color controls, see Basic color controls.

  • Contrast: A slider that sets how sharp or blurred the division is between the lines and the background.

  • Wavelength: A slider that sets the frequency of the wave.

  • Amplitude: A slider that sets the height of the wave.

  • Skew: A slider that sets rotation of the wave pattern.

  • Roundness: A slider that sets the shape of the wave.