Set template resolution

Before you create a template, decide what resolution your project requires. Although the template scales to fit the resolution of the Final Cut Pro X project it’s applied to, you should create the template at the highest resolution you will use.

Additionally, you can save a template in multiple display aspect ratio settings, for delivery to different-sized screens. For more information, see Add multiple display aspect ratios to a template.

Note: An image added to a placeholder is fit based on the template project settings in Motion. Because the image in the placeholder is not used when the template is applied to a Final Cut Pro project, stretching or scaling of the media does not affect the Final Cut Pro clip the template is applied to.

When you create templates with 4K resolution, you can add a metadata flag so that Final Cut Pro users can quickly find 4K templates (and filter out all non-4K templates).

Flag a template as having 4K resolution

  • In the Layers list in Motion, select the Project object and then select the Designed for 4K checkbox in the Properties Inspector.

    After the template is published to Final Cut Pro, select the “4K-ready content only” checkbox in the Final Cut Pro media browsers to display only templates designed for use in 4K projects. (The “4K-ready content only” checkbox appears only in Final Cut Pro projects using one of the 4K or 5K formats.)