Template workflow

Creating templates for Final Cut Pro X in Motion involves several simple steps:

Stage 1: Select a template type

In the Motion Project Browser, create a new project by selecting one of four template types—Final Cut Effect, Final Cut Transition, Final Cut Title, or Final Cut Generator—then click Open.

Stage 2: Add Motion effects to the template placeholders

The new Motion template project that opens contains graphical placeholders—target layers (a downward arrow graphic in the Canvas) where you drag Motion behaviors, filters, and other special effects. You can include temporary images to preview the effect you are building. Ultimately, these effects will be applied to footage in Final Cut Pro. For more information, see Placeholders versus drop zones.

Stage 3: Add additional layers and effects (if necessary)

If your effect requires additional graphics, add new layers to the template (shapes, paint strokes, particles, and so on) and modify them with effects (lighting, camera moves, or filters, for example).

Note: These new graphics will ultimately be composited over Final Cut Pro clips and cannot be separated from the effect.

Stage 4: Add user interface controls to make the template adjustable in Final Cut Pro

To allow Final Cut Pro users to modify specific parameters, you can “publish” sliders, checkboxes, or dials, making them available in the Final Cut Pro Inspector.

Stage 5: Save the template project

When you save a template in Motion, the effect, transition, title, or generator is exported to the relevant Final Cut Pro media browser (the Effects Browser, Titles Browser, Transitions Browser, or Generators Browser). In Final Cut Pro, when the template is added to the Timeline or applied to a clip in the Timeline, an activation checkbox and published parameter controls appear in the Final Cut Pro Inspector.

The duration of the effect is determined by the length of the Final Cut Pro clip it is applied to. Special markers allow you to control the template’s timing in Final Cut Pro. See What are template markers?