Add parameter controls overview

When you use a template in Motion to create an effect, transition, title, or generator for Final Cut Pro X, you can “publish” nearly any parameter. Publishing a parameter places its user interface control (a slider, dial, checkbox, and so on) in the Final Cut Pro inspector, ready to be adjusted. Publishing parameters also lets you decide how much control (if any) a Final Cut Pro user has over modifying an effect.

When creating templates in Motion, you have the following publishing options:

  • Publish no parameters, making the effect a nonmodifiable preset with no adjustable controls in the Final Cut Pro inspector.

  • Publish specific parameters, giving users limited control over modifications made in the Final Cut Pro inspector.

  • Publish rig widgets, which map multiple parameters to a few pop-up menus, sliders, or checkboxes, enabling editors to make complex effect adjustments with simplified controls.