About publishing text parameter controls

When you apply a title or generator containing text to a clip in Final Cut Pro X, the Title inspector becomes available. This inspector contains many of the same basic controls as the Motion Text Inspector (Font, Size, Alignment, and so on).

However, if the applied title or generator contains published text parameters, those parameters appear in a separate pane in Final Cut Pro: the Title inspector.

Note: When you publish a text parameter already in the Final Cut Pro Text inspector, the parameter appears in both the Title inspector and the Text inspector. Changes made to the parameters in the Title inspector affect the same parameters in the Text inspector, and vice versa.

The Text inspector in the Final Cut Pro includes many of the same controls available in the Motion Text Inspector. If you want to control a parameter not included in the Final Cut Pro Text inspector, publish that parameter in the title or generator template in Motion.

For more information on working with text in Final Cut Pro, see Text Inspector overview.