Create drop zones

You create drop zones in either of two ways: by adding an empty drop zone object or by converting an existing layer into a drop zone. Any still image or video clip can be converted into a drop zone via the Image Inspector.

Add an empty drop zone

  1. Choose Object > New Drop Zone or press Shift-Command-D.

    A drop zone layer is added to the project.

  2. Position and scale the drop zone layer.

  3. If needed, rename the drop zone layer in the Layers list.

  4. Open the Inspector and click Image to modify the drop zone parameters.

For more information about using these parameters, see Drop zone controls.

Resize a drop zone

  1. In the Layers list or Canvas, select a drop zone.

  2. In the toolbar, click the Select/Transform tool.

    Select/Transform tool in the toolbar
  3. In the Canvas, drag a transform handle to resize the drop zone.

    Tip: Press Shift while dragging to resize the drop zone proportionally.

Convert an image layer to a drop zone

  1. Add a video clip or still image to your project.

  2. Position or resize the image or clip where you want the drop zone to appear.

    For information about positioning and scaling images, see Transform layers in the Canvas overview.

  3. Open the Image Inspector and click the Drop Zone checkbox.

    The drop zone parameters appear.

  4. To replace the original image with a drop zone graphic, click the Clear button.

An active drop zone replaces the original image. For more information about using remaining Drop Zone parameters, see Drop zone controls.