Tabs controls in the Layout pane

Motion allows paragraph-formatted text to contain an unlimited number of tabs to control word spacing in text. By default, text created in Motion has no tabs, so there are no controls in the Tabs section of the Layout pane. Adding, moving, and removing tabs is done in the Canvas. You can also move tabs by modifying their values in the Inspector. When you import a Rich Text Format (RTF) file, tabs in the RTF file are retained in the Motion project and appear in the Tabs section of the Layout pane.

Text Inspector options for an imported RTF file with tabs
  • Tab 0, 1, 2, and so on: A list of tabs in the selected paragraph, including their type and positions.

    • Tab type pop-up menu: An unlabeled pop-up menu (the up-and-down arrows) to set the tab to Left, Center, Right, or Decimal (aligns decimal points in numbers on multiple lines).

    • Tab value slider: An unlabeled the value slider (the numeric value) to adjust the position of the tab.

      You can add, move, and remove tabs in the Canvas. For more information, see Add, remove, and modify tabs.