Text Inspector overview

You can perform advanced text editing tasks in the Text Inspector.

The Text Inspector is divided into three subpanes:

Many of the controls in the Text Inspector are also available in the HUD.

If a text parameter can be animated, moving the pointer over the right side of the parameter’s row in the Inspector displays the Add Keyframe button and the Animation menu. Click either to access keyframe and animation controls. For more information, see Keyframe controls in the Inspector and Animation menu.

Animation menu icon for Text Size parameter, in the Inspector

To reset a parameter to its default settings (including removing keyframes), choose Reset Parameter from the parameter’s Animation menu. To reset a group of parameters, such as the text Face controls or the Sequence controls of a text behavior, click the reset button in the Inspector.

Reset button in Style pane of Text Inspector

Note: For parameters with no default setting (including most parameters in the Format and Layout panes), there is no reset button.